RodMaker RodMaker covers all aspects of rod building - from fly to trolling, bamboo to graphite and everything in between. Whether you're an old pro or a beginner just starting out, RodMaker has something of interest for you!
Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine Northwest Fly Fishing magazine is an inspiring, collectible reference of Northwest angling destinations. The staff at Northwest Fly Fishing takes pride in its commitment to the highest standards of publishing, from timely, well-written editorial by the region's most talented writers, to award-winning photography, layout and design.
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Arne Mason Leather Cases Time and time again, the fly fisher's search for the finest hard leather cases ends with Arne Mason of Ashland, Oregon. Influenced by both traditional European hand stitching and western saddlery techniques, Mason has developed a distinct personal style. Characterized by tasteful classic designs and uncompromisingly clean, hand mitered French edges, Mason's work continues to set the standard by which the fly-fishing industry's leather work is measured.
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R. B. Meiser Fly Rods "Fly fishing is more than just a rod. It's blue sky afternoons in the Rockies, or a cold rainy morning in British Columbia. It's a 40 pound Stripped Bass, or an 8 inch Brook Trout. It's friends and road trips, getting up far too early, and going to bed far too late. It's what lies around the next bend in the stream. It's memories, and things to look forward to in the years ahead."
Rod Building ORG The Internet's gathering place for custom rod builders.
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