The theatrical community of Ashland, Oregon, home of the Shakespearean Festival, is also the center for creative cutting edge fly fishing art. Here are a few points of interest about the people and their talents in this community.
Kate Davidson - Siskiyou Aviary
Kate DavidsonKate's specialty is raising exotic birds and collecting their feathers for various artistic themes. Here feathers are used by mask artists as well as garnishing Hollywood commercials, and enhancing window displays at Tiffany's, 5th Avenue store in New York. She was been featured in magazine and newspaper articles by the Mail Tribune, Associated Press, Ranger Rick, Art of Angling Journals, Schmookler-Sills, and Presentation Dressings for the 21st Century by Dave Browne.
Paul Miller - Fly on the Wall
Paul's decorative "Fly on the Wall" series of Atlantic Salmon flies truly conveys the elegance of angling history and fishing art. The combination of fine workmanship, scores of elite materials, and the original pattern designs from the past create artistic appeal. These patterns are displayed on a eloquent parchment background, framed with double floated mats, titled and signed by the artist. These art pieces are suited for display as a collectible or as a single fine interior decor piece to be admired. Many of Paul's creations are fashioned from feathers from Siskiyou Aviary and the new Super Spey Hackles will be offered on this site as seen in Art of Angling Journal. He also has a line of flies that The Redding Fly Shop of California carries.
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Siskiyou Aviary